Wednesday, December 9, 2015

State of the Family 2016

I'll just skip the part where I call attention to the fact that I haven't made a post since last State of the Family and move along ...

The big news is that Kyla is preggers (again!) and we will be blessed with an additional squirt in June of next year. We will be finding out the sex by the end of the year. We will update you with a name once we find out the sex and go through our arduous naming process.

We're amazed every day at how Jaedyn is growing. She learns new words every day and repeats just about everything we say. Ugh, time to finally clean up our language, I guess. She is doing very well at preschool and is looking forward to seeing her new baby brother or sister.

Lily is still alive. She's a scrappy little sucker. Daphne is still tuddling around, albeit about 10 pounds heavier from all the table scraps she gets from Jaedyn.

Kyla is working weekday afternoons at Austin Diagnostic Clinic. She's enjoying her time in the morning with Jaedyn before she kicks her to the curb at preschool around noon. This pregnancy has been harder on her than the first, leading many to believe that we're getting a boy. We'll see ...

I had an opportunity to go to China with Apple but in the end didn't feel like the deal worked for our family, so I turned it down. I left Apple to go back to MicroVentures as CTO.  I am enjoying getting some management experience in a small startup as I think it will offer me better opportunities in the future -- possibly opportunities to go back to China in a management capacity.

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