This blog is for friends and family that want to stay up to date on everything happening in our lives, from our mundane musings to updates on life-changing events.

We met and began dating while attending high school in Tianjin, China. In 2001, we both moved back to separate locations in the United States — Kyla to Austin, TX, and Jake to Minneapolis, MN. We were reunited in 2003 during our two year stay in San Antonio, TX, after which we both moved to Kyla's hometown of Austin, TX, where we currently reside. Jake proposed on Mt. Bonnel in Austin on April 28th 2007, having dated Kyla for over seven years. We were married at Vintage Villas in Austin on May 10th, 2008.

On March 12th 2009, we closed on our first home near Lake Travis and just minutes away from where we were married. It was 8 years to the day of when we first started dating. We enjoy taking walks on the trails near our home with our two black labs, Daphne and Lily. We frequently have game nights with our friends and go out to movies. We also play on a coed recreational soccer team sponsored by Jake's company.

Kyla graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with an undergraduate degree in nursing in December of 2008. She is currently a pediatric nurse at Dell Children's Hospital on their neuroscience floor. She plans to continue her studies and become a pediatric nurse practitioner.

Kyla enjoys knitting and watching sappy romantic comedies. She likes to go to the movie theater just for the popcorn. Her other interests include astronomy, cooking, and being cute. Her favorite TV shows are FriendsHow I Met Your Mother, and Dexter. She thinks Jake plays video games way too much.

Jake owns a successful web design and development company named Dragon Eye Design. He hopes to continue to grow his business and one day move it abroad to a developing nation. He began his college studies at the University of Minnesota and is currently enrolled at Texas State University, where he is pursuing a Communication Design degree. He also wishes to attend seminary to study theology and philosophy.

Jake enjoys drumming and playing video games. He is currently obsessed with Rock Band 3, Starcraft II, and Civilization V. His favorite TV shows are Dexter, 24, Lost, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Futurama. When he isn't busy frittering his youth away, he sometimes finds the time to read articles and books about technology, science, philosophy, and theology. He thinks you should check out Reasons to Believe.