Sunday, December 14, 2014

State of the Family 2015

Okay, so the whole 'blogging more' resolution totally didn't happen. I'm no better than the folks that start out January 1st running for exercise and quit within a week. Maybe worse. Oh well.

2014 was another year of transition for us. Kyla left Dell Children's Hospital mid-year and picked up part-time work at Austin Diagnostic Clinic on some weekend days. Kyla is able to stay home with Jaedyn during the week, and then either I or Kyla's mom takes care of her on weekend days that she's at work. So far it's working out great, but Kyla is looking to increase her hours at ADC (and it's looking like that's going to happen early next year). We've signed Jaedyn up for part-time daycare with a flexible start date, so we'll be prepared when that happens.

I have been enjoying being done with school and being able to focus on work. I left my full-time position after 1 year and took a position with Apple here in Austin. It's been a bit of an adjustment working for a huge corporation, but it's a great resume builder and valuable experience. I'm a contractor though and don't get the precious Apple employee discount, so nobody ask me if I can get them cheap Apple merchandise (believe me, I'm as bummed as you are).

Jaedyn is over one and a half. She's walking (running!) and learning new words. It's amazing how much she understands. I'm enjoying this age tremendously even though she can be a handful. I made the following video for Grandparents Day that sums things up pretty well.

And here she is at Halloween in the panda costume Kyla made for her:

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